March 4, 2011

A Happy Bee Blog!

Each first Tuesday of the month, spellers from all over Austin gather to compete at the Literacy Coalition’s Happy Bee at The Belmont. These monthly events are fun, raise awareness, and act as small fundraisers to help support our work to eradicate illiteracy. What exactly does it take to compete?

Being a Spell Raiser at a Happy Bees isn’t easy. By following this step-by-step guide you’ll be well on your way to becoming next month’s Happy Bee winner!

1. You’ll have to come to the realization that yes, in fact you do spell lots of words really well. Words like potato, weird, and potluck don’t come easily to everybody, so you’re one step ahead in that sense.

2. Next, you’ll want to find that courage deep down inside that you usually save for asking a girl/guy out or running a big race to sign up to compete. Draw a number - that will be your position in the Spell Raiser line of the Happy Bee.

3. Next, you’ll have to pay close attention to the rules about things like eliminations and audience shout outs. Keep in mind your friends will be having a good time at a table nearby. Don’t worry though, they’ll be ready to cheer you on as soon as the competition starts!

4. When it’s your turn to spell, you’ll come up to the microphone and stand under the bright light – sorry, it’s pretty bright. Listen carefully for the word you must spell. You’ll have to use your best listening skills, since the Pronouncer will only repeat the word once.

5. Using your noggin, you’ll spell the word to the best of your Spell Raiser ability. You’ll probably do great, spell the word perfectly, and we’ll all be super proud of you! Of course, we’ll all understand if you don’t, because who has to spell words like tintinnabula every day?!

6. After a few rounds, there’s just a few Spell Raisers left. Remember that courage you found to sign up? Use that good stuff one more time. The competition may get tough, and you may actually want to remember how to spell tintinnabula.

In the end there can only be one winner of the Happy Bee. You’ll get a prize if you come in first or second though, so don’t give up! Prizes for past winners have included gift cards to How Do You Roll?, Hey Cupcake!, Güero’s, Austin Java, and other great places. And really, what better prize is there than cheers, hugs, and high five’s from all your friends after you give it your all?!

*Note: The Happy Bee at The Belmont will be taking the month off in April since there are two Satellite Bees in bee-tween. Check out a Satellite Bee at The High Ball on Tuesday, March 22nd or Thursday, April 7th!

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