March 11, 2011

6 ways health literacy can make you a stronger instructor

Adult educators often wonder what they’re getting themselves into when they sign up for one of our Health Literacy Instructor Trainings. I mean, how can one person manage to address all of life’s issues in just a few short classes a week? Well, let’s face it, that’s just impossible. But teachers know that learning is a lifelong journey and are always looking for new strategies to make their classrooms better. So, here are six ways our Health Literacy Instructor Training can make stronger instructors:

1. By offering a new perspective on their students’ issues outside of the classroom

2. By giving tools to engage every student and make lessons even more relevant

3. By creating instructors that are confident in handling student inquiries about healthcare issues affecting their learning

4. By illustrating how substantially students’ literacy skills affect them economically in the healthcare setting

5. By making it easier to keep class attendance up

6. By teaching them how to empower not only their students, but themselves as patients.

What this training won’t do is make instructors health experts or substitutes for healthcare professionals and social workers. Our goal is to, in a short three and a half hours, make instructors even greater resources for their students and strengthen their curriculum. Every student sees the health of their families as their top priority. By motivating instructors to create a bridge between literacy and healthcare, our hope is that the individuals they serve can spend more time learning and less time worrying about healthcare.

If you’re ready to learn more, e-mail me at to sign-up for our next central training on April 6th! We hope to see you there

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