August 25, 2010

Time Flies When You're Getting Sh...tuff Done!

Today is my final day as the AmeriCorps VISTA Health Literacy Specialist at LCCT, and wow, it's amazing how this year has flown by! To commemorate my Year of Service with the Literacy Coalition, I've decided to throw it back, circa 4th grade Father's Day card era, and write a limerick for everyone...

My Year of Service with the Coalition has been real,
That's an old term but it's truly how I feel.
It started with research, in that overheated old church,
From the workshops, Doritos I did steal.

Health Literacy! Health literacy! How you've consumed my mind.
Formatting the Resource Directory? Words for that are not kind.
But no duties did I hate,
and the majority were great.
Thank you Food Stamps for allowing me to dine.

I developed professional skills and knowledge alike,
became a true health literacy specialist, isn't that tight?
New clothes and shiny shoes,
allowed me to schmooze,
so that next year I'll have a salary and tax hike.

Facilitating workshops is in the running for being the best,
next to outreach and traveling throughout Texas' wild west.
Some said I was too young,
but the issue of health literacy was unsung,
so I ignored the claims and worked to teach the rest.

Thank you Texas, for this great year of learning.
I'll be gone for a while, but for y'all I'll be yearning.
Headed out to explore, this great country we adore.
Don't worry - in two months I'll be returning.

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